Have you ever had a bad experience vacationing with the kids?

Katherine - posted on 05/10/2012 ( 11 moms have responded )




Oh GOD. Driving up north. They both cried the entire time. Once we got there it was a blast. But the way there and back was just awful!


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Leela - posted on 05/14/2012




We did a 5 hour trip for a friends wedding with a 6 month old,,,, hes an awesome bubz all the time.. except for this one screamed in the car the whole way, Threw up all over the hotel bedding and cried the whole way home..... honestly thought we were going to lose our minds.. made some sick jokes about putting the car in the ditch,, not funny i know and would NEVER hurt our son but it helped us laugh in a very trying situation. Never been on a vaca since and not planning on it..lolz unless family baby sits.. :) mind you the screaming doesn't affect us anymore. weird what you get used too over time.

Ashley - posted on 05/14/2012




we went camping for a weekend in 2010 . at that time our girls were only 2.5yrs and 13 months .. enough said lol .. no but really the first night was hell the oldest wouldn't sleep and when she did it was on most of the air mattress that we were ment to sleep on my poor husband ended up sleeping in a blow up boat both nights . the youngest and her stroller had a trip into the water.... lost my camera, some money and brother's ipod in the water at that time ... got everything back and everything still worked ... but ya not a fun time

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Yeah - it did take a long time to go overseas again. But I think the whole thing would have been OK if we hadn't had all been sick.That was the worst part.

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Oh shit yes - the worst ever trip was when we decided to go to Fiji for 2 weeks when we had a 3.5 and a 2 year old..

1) both kids had double ear infections even before we left home and stayed sick most of the trip
2) I had bronchitis the whole time too
3) we stayed in a "resort" which had no electricity, no running water, no flush toilets
4) instead of a 3 hour nap every afternoon like at home the 2 year old cried all afternoon every single day because he couldn't get to sleep in the strange surroundings
5) I had just found out I was pregnant and started to vomit with morning sickness
6) we were caught in a wild storm on a small boat for 4 hours while I vomited the entire time and thought we were all going to die (and was looking forward to it by then)
7) on the last day my husband put the 2 year old up on his shoulders in a shop, only to get his forehead chopped by a low slung ceiling fan. Stitches at hospital.

By the time we got home I was so traumatised I had to take another week off work to recover!!

My advice to anyone planning to travel with toddlers - don't!

Stifler's - posted on 05/12/2012




Only every time. You get no sleep. They complain and demand attention all day. They won't nap. YOu name it they do it. My son painted my auntys wall with my mascara last weekend.

Louise - posted on 05/11/2012




Hell yes! We drove up to scotland in mid August in 1998 with two young boys. It was 28 degrees at home and 10 degrees and persistant rain in Scotland. When we arrived at our log cabin the fog was so bad we could not see any further than 6 feet. After three days of staying in and playing scrable we gave up and came home. Cost us dearly as we had to buy the kids a dog to make up for such a disaterous holiday. The dog bless her lasted 14 years!

Corinne - posted on 05/11/2012




Who hasn't? We took the kids to stay on a caravan park 2yrs ago. They whined most of the way there (3 hrs), then fell asleep just as we landed and had to get sorted. On the first night, I went to check on Devon and he wasn't in his bed. The window in his room had been opened, so panicked, I tossed the 'room' and found him curled up under the opposite bed. Phew. The next night I went in to find his window wide open again, but this time he was curled up in bed fast asleep. How, I don't know, because we were in the middle of a storm and he was soaked through and freezing. I'm also surprised we didn't get kicked off the park because the kids really hated showers back then and would scream and kick every morning, we gave up in the end, we were only there 4 nights.

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Our first weekender with the kids in a nice hotel went to shit. Hayden grumped and grizzled the whole time and Rachel got a viral infection and was feeling sick the whole time we were there. She went all delerious at one stage and we got the on-call Dr in to see her.
We weren't able to go on any of the planned outings and spent most of the time in the hotel room with a whinging 5 month old and a sick 4 year old.

Katherine - posted on 05/10/2012




Aww, we went camping too. That was a nightmare as well. My daughter wouldn't sleep and I was 8 months pregnant. So I got NO sleep. I had forgotten about that one lol.

S. - posted on 05/10/2012




We are a little strapped for cash this year so I though if we bought a tent we could maybe get in a couple of cheap trips away...as long as the kids get a holiday!!! First night away was a blast we went to the disco then came back to play snap, throughout the night the wind picked up and me and my hb was a wake most the night but o well as long as the kids slept well. So the morning came and we. Went out for the day, came back in the afternoon to all 3 poles of the brand new tent snapped. We had to pack up and go home with 3 heart broken children :(

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