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It Takes a Village!!!

Amal - posted on 11/29/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




does anyone still live in a family where all members coaperate to raise a child example.....Grandpa is the kind one...Grandma the firm , but sweet one...aunty is the spoiler !! mom and dad are of course the Reference ...every member has an influence on the child and therefore are responsible for that part in his personality that became the way it is like pieces of a puzzle see the kid sometomes saying a word there that he learned from grandma and asking scientific questions like grandpa ....and joking like aunty say to yourself many effort has been put into that child and when he talks about family he knows that everyone is there for him...

I know today families have become nuclear and choose to live seperatly ..but i strongly believe that the kids benefit more from the WHOLE VILLAGE scenario.."Only if they all agree to have the wellbeing of the child at heart" ..

just wanted to bring a nostalgic maybe existent somewhat picture to your minds

happy holidays


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Belinda - posted on 12/03/2012




I was an only child to a single teenage mum. I have lived with my grandparents on and off over the years.

Not having my dad in my life at all, meant that my grandfather and my uncle were my male role models. My Uncle is good fun, yet reasonable when talking about serious subjects. My grandfather is very much the patriarch.."the boss" so to speak...though is loves mucking around with the kids. Though he isnt a spring chicken anymore, he still chases my own kids around the house trying to tickle them! lol

I have two aunts....when I was younger, one was always up for a good time, and the other was good for deep and meaningful chats. Now that I am an adult with children, both are great to talk to and giggly when a wine bottle appears! lol

My Nanna and I are pretty close too. She taught me to sew, knit, and clean (as I used to work for her holiday units! lol). For a long while, I used to go over to my grandparents house once a week, have lunch and play cards. Unfortunatley, that doesnt happen nearly often enough anymore! Their own health has meant that they havent been able to get as involved with my children as what they would like, but they still babysit from time to time.

My parents (and in-laws) get involved a fair bit too.

I do believe that there is such thing as boundaries.however. When family start annoying/upsetting you, or it becomes a chore....then rules need to be made. I agree with the "it takes a village" theory....but to a limit.

Mum and Dad are listen to them first!!

[deleted account]

My family is still fairly local--we don't live together, but I see my parents and in-laws at least once a week or so.

J's Grandpa's are both exciting in their own way--one helps him to explore music and science, the other helps him explore his adventurous side (think stunt bikes, go-carts, and target practice).

His Grandmothers both spoil him--there is no stern or firm to either of them.

My sister--his only local aunt--is definitely a spoiler (along with the grandparents) but her main thing is taking him on adventures, like parks, hiking trails, zip-lining, etc.

J is the only grandchild on my parents' side, and the only local grandchild on my husband's parents' side, so he gets his fair share of spoiling to make up for the lack of cousins.

Katherine - posted on 11/30/2012




My daughters live with my parents and I. It's very difficult because they try to parent my kids.....gah! So frustrating, but until I can move out I have to put up with it.....they aren't going to change.

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