Kind Of Angry Am I Right To Be?

Keyondra - posted on 05/01/2011 ( 6 moms have responded )




Okay, so here it goes, I am very angry, Its been building for months! So my daughter is one years old, she started staying over night with her dad when she was 8 months, I am completely fine with that, its just that recently he's been keeping her clothes and lying and saying he doesn't have them, I AM NOT STUPID, my daughter is slowly running out of clothes i send her over there with something and she comes back with something comepletely different most of the time its something that she is ready to grow out of and sometimes RARELY he'll bring her in something brand new, i have no problem with him buying her new clothes and all but i'd like to keep her clothing I mean i have no money to work with here the economy is beating my as* and i have always put my daughter before me bought her new clothes and i mean i don't have not one pair of pants that i can still fit because i am buying my baby new clothes and i have to deal with him taking her clothes from me its so annoying what could i do about this?


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My sister has that same problem with her step-daughter. She always sends her in the same clothes she was brought home in the previous visit (cleaned of course). Seems to work for her. Good luck!

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You definitely have a right to be. I am a single mum and know the sacrifice of going without new things for yourself so your child gets what she needs. I agree with the other ladies. Send her in the same basic clothes each visit. It is her father's responsibility to clothe her while she is with him.

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We actualy had to get this written into our court order:

"BOTH parties shall provide an adequate supply of well fitting weather appropriate clothing for the child to wear while at their house. When the child go to the RESPONDENT'S house (the bio mom as she lives with us full time), she will only go with 2-3 sets of clothing and the child shall be returned home with the same 2-3 sets of clothing."

It was stupid and the judge was shaking his head when he had to prder that clause be put in... But hey, at least we don't have to deal with the bull sh*t anymore...

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Not sure of where you are located but one of the things that i have learned from babysitting, when her dad picks her up, she goes with just what she is in, no bag, nothing extra, her cups, diaper bag and everything that her mother brought her with stay's with me, the only thing she ever takes to his house is her "meow meow" He has all the supplies he needs for her at his house and she always comes back in the same outfit her mother sent her in (clean of course).

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we have the same issue with my step-son, and he's nearly 12 - he's old enough to make sure it comes back, but he's hopeless. I agree with Johanna, send her in the clothes she came home in. Or buy some cheap clothes from a second hand store/charity store and only use them. No point sending her in her new clothes.

With my step son, we even went so far as to send him back home in his school uniform, because that's what he arrived in. I refuse to keep buying clothes for him only to have them disappear, or return when he has outgrown them.


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Sneaky - posted on 05/01/2011




My friend does that to - sends her step daughter home in the clothes she arrived in. If she has to supplement (like a jumper or long socks) she has a stack of second hand 'junk' clothes that she doesn't mind losing.

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