Lisa, tell us what it is like to parent in Hong Kong

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Anyone else got some interesting stories from parenting around the world.

I don't know, its pretty stock standard here in Aus. We reccomend solids at 6mths and breastfeeding til 2yrs. Most people are done by 6mths! - Im still going at 14mths and its not overly common.
The current car seat laws are; Babies up to six months of age must be in a rear-facing infant capsule, then in a forward facing car seat until four years of age and then in a booster seat from four to seven years of age.

Up to the age of four, children must be restrained in the back seat of the car. Children between four and seven years old must not be seated in the front seat unless all backseats are taken up with younger children.

Ummm... I don't think there is anything really unique. We have 'routine' ultrasounds at 12 and 20weeks. Its recommened you take folate at least a month before conception. Kids start Kindy 2 9am-3pm days (or 4 half days) a week at 4yrs old (must be turning 4 by June 30th otherwise they go the year after), then Preschool at 5yrs old which is 5 days a week.

Anyone else?
I heard once that China had some really interesting 'standards' I will have to find the article.


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WELL. You asked for it! hehe ;)
1. Breastfeeding is quite uncommon here. In fact another Aussie mum I met here had a lot of issues trying to tell the midwives that she wanted to breast feed. They kept shoving formula at her and telling her that he HAD to be supplemented at least with formula. I was heaps timid to breastfeed in public here because I've only ever seen other foreigners doing it. But I've overcome it and am still going at 9 months. Although he has 6 teeth so I'd reallllllyyyy like to wean him off.
2. Not too many people own cars. If you are rich then yeah you probably can afford the parking space. The train system and bus and taxi are all so cheap and convenient there is no need for a car really. Lots of the foreigners own them though. ALSO there are no carseats in the taxi's! I have had to put Baylee on my lap a number of times and just hope for the best. I avoid taxi's as much as possible.
3. They start kinder here at 2 years old!!! First accompanied than by the age of 3 they go alone. Just for half days. And schooling prices are through the roof. Even just the local schools. Well they are for foreigners anyway... They have to have interviews to get into the schools at 2 years old and the waiting lists are massive. I have no idea how you interview a 2 year old!
4. Ultrasounds were done once a month until about 8 months. I left to go back to Aus to give birth at 7 months so not sure what happens from there.
5. Most families have a live-in helper. They are usually from the Phillipines or Indonesia and are paid very low salaries for a lot of hard work. I don't like the idea of it. A lot of them are mistreated. But not all. Some of them just do housework and cook etc, and others are hired to look after the children. A lot of the foreigners have them because the working hours here are from morning til very late and Part time work is very hard to come by. Also Day care centres DO NOT EXIST! So some SAHM even have helpers because otherwise they may never get any time away.
6. They are hypochondriacs over here. Meaning if you are even a tiny bit sick they will load you up with medicine.
7. Total strangers will feel the need to tell me how to parent... veryyyy annoying. They will take Baylee's fingers out of his mouth if he is chewing on them or something like that and tell him it's dirty.
8. My pet peeve here is the rudeness of the general public. Very rarely will someone hold a door open for you if you are pushing a pram. If you are waiting to get onto the train, they will push past you and even barge the pram so they can get on first. I think their theory is if they don't make eye contact with you, then it never happened... They are in a world of their own. Also there are stairs into most stores so you have to have a baby carrier, rather than a pram.
Mostly I miss my mum! I miss having family around to watch Baylee grow up and to take him to the beach or the park. It's a constant nagging feeling that doesn't go away.
So that's about it :) If you got through the whole of this essay than WELL DONE! I can understand if you took one look at the size of it and signed out of COM hehe.


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Wow thanks Lisa, thats awesome! I found it very interesting.
Re the breastfeeding - I feel that its sad that that is the case in so many places. I am a HUGE breastfeeding avocate and am still feeding my little man 3 feeds a day, yep even with his 12 or so teeth! Just gotta watch when I make him laugh, thats when he clamps down!

I can believe you have so many ultrasounds - it would be great but over here at $200 a pop a little $$$, I supose if they are hypocondracts though, it makes sence!

I couldn't imagine not having a car but we have VERY limited public transport here. It would freak me not having my bub in a car seat but he would LOVE it!

I would LOVE live in help hehehhe but would never do it!

I can't believe they start school so early! Wow! They changed the age back here 6mths so kids are a little older.

Sorry to hear they are so rude, I find some people are here but in general I think people are gettinge better.

I can not imagine living more than the 30mins from my mum and not seeing her at least once a week like we do. I feel for you. Do you have skype? What are your long term prospects? coming back to the land down under?

Thanks again, I found that really great.

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