pee on the carpet, poo on the lounge

Amanda - posted on 08/01/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




So my little angel is 22 months old, I love her to death but she is frustrating the life out of me.
She knows how to use the toilet and when to go even though we haven't done any toilet training. She does it every now and then and will tell me when she needs to go when we are out and use the toilet. Thats great I hear you all say, good on her for starting to grasp it at a young age.
No it's not. The little madam has turned it into a game and will now do what she needs to do where ever she feels like doing it.
She takes her nappy off pees on the carpet and then asks me to put the nappy back on. Or the latest one, mummy I need a poo, ok Ash lets go to the toilet, no mummy Ashy do it there, as she points to a pile of steaming poo on the lounge. Then the next time she's doing a wee on the toilet and asking me to help her wipe.

Soooo frustrating!!!!


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Katherine - posted on 08/05/2011




Mine will sit on the toilet too and then get off and go to the bathroom on the floor too.
She used to smear he poop everywhere. Thank God she doesn't do THAT!!!!

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Mime sometimes sits on the potty then gets off stands next to it and starts to wee, I usually catch him and put him back on the potty because he concentrates when weeing. Grrrrr!!!

He has yet to poo in the potty or on the toilet, but this is only the second week. I cannot wait for it to be over.

Mabel - posted on 08/04/2011




Mine is peeing in the floor/carpet in his room and pooing on my hardwood floor!But when I have him go to the potty he just sits there and looks at me half the time.

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