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Sarah - posted on 05/12/2010




I kinda have to have a certain degree of routine, as my eldest is at school, obviously we have to get up and get ready so she won't be late etc.
Also i work 4 days a week, so that means getting ready on time too etc etc.
Most days fall into a very similar routine, though it's not totally rigid ALL the time.
As i said, because of school and work and childminders and picking up from school etc, we kinda get forced into a routine!
Even weekends are all pretty much the same, the only day that sometimes varies is Sunday.
God, boring or what! LOL! :)

Joanna - posted on 05/12/2010




No routine here! We've never been routine people. We have a certain order on how our day runs, errands always after breakfast, bathtime is always after our evening walk, but we don't have a set timed schedule.

Beck - posted on 05/11/2010




Its funny Katherine, cos I dont see it as a 'strict' routine, but I supose it is!! It just works and I supose its similar to the ones I used to work off in child care so it seems natural for me. I love the organisation that it gives me. I can't imagine it being any other way, especially now Corey is bigger.

Katherine - posted on 05/11/2010




Holy Moly Beck. That is quite the routine LOL. I don't think I know what the word means. I do remember you talking about how your LO wouldn't sleep though in AP.

No....we have somewhat of a routine, just not rigid.

*Lisa* - posted on 05/11/2010




Well I try to have routine. But Baylee is very unpredictable! His naps are never the same amount of time. They vary so much! The only thing kind of the same is generally wake up and bed times. But even that varies! I'd like more of a routine but I think this is working for us at the moment. Like you Beck I'd like to be able to say 'come between 12 and 2'. One day!

Beck - posted on 05/11/2010




ME,me, me, me, me!!! LOVE IT!! Quite strict (many people laugh!)
7am wake and breast feed
7.20 breakfast
9.30 its morning tea time,
11.20 is lunch
12.00-2.15 sleep
2.30 breastfeed and arvo tea
5.20 dinner
6.00 nudie time
6.15 bath / shower
6.30 out of bath / pj's
6.35-6.45 breast feed
6.45-6.55 story time
7pm bed

For us it started when our son wasn't sleeping. Before that we had had at times a flexible routine but at 6mths we started a strict routine. Now it is more flexible but we stick to it cos it works. Its so handy cos people know not to visit between 12 and 2 cos its sleep time. I can book appoinments knowing that bub eats and sleeps at certain times. Bub (now 14mths) loves it cos he knows what the go is. We have a bedtime routine which helps with sleep where ever he is.
I love it and for us it works, I will for sure try for one again when the next bub comes along.

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