School Board that needs a Kick!!!!!

Julie - posted on 12/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Ugh, I'm so fed up with our school system and the people who think that all students are the same.

30 minutes from my house there is a Charter School. 5 minutes from my house is a Private Christian School. The Christian School is going to be closing after this year due to lack of students and funds. They went from 150 last year to 60 this year. Most of this is due to the economy and costs of private school.

So the Charter school 30 minutes away wants to start another Charter School at the location of the Christian School. They took the Charter to the Unified School District School board. The board voted no 7-0 on the Charter.

Reasons: Paper reason was the financial stability.... Umm they have close to a million in reserve.

The comments from the school baord memebers were:
Well if you offered a vocational program I would have voted for it

( This is a Charter School for k-6)
So in my opinion this person is saying that we need to teach our 5 and 6 year olds to be auto mechanics and our 7 and 8 year olds to be beauticians???)

one Board Memeber said: We don't need a Charter School .. Parents have other options: Options she gives are A. We have open enrollemtn and you can enroll your child in any school you want, B: Home Schooling C: Private School.

( ummmm.... No.... A. So she is saying that maybe it is just that our kids are too social and up rooting them from one school and moving them to another is going to resolve the issue. All the schools in the district are structured the same. My children are in a school that has high State Standard API scores , Meaning they are one of the best in the district. ) So if they can't help my children why would I want to put them in a lower functioning school.

Home Schooling- I am a Single mom that works full time and does not get paid much in the first place, I have time to home school my children when??

Private School- Again I am a single mom that barley gets by, There has already been one private school that has closed due to low enrollment because people could not afford it what makes the board member think that the 300 parents that are in support of the school We have 6500+ population in our town.

Last comment by a board memeber was : I am only looking out for my Constituants and Tax Payers...

( ummmm... who does she think we are??? becasue last time I looked I believe that I voted for her and that I pay taxes.) Guess who is not voting for any of those people again if they run for the board.

The Charter school is now taking the charter to the County Board of Education.
we are currently waiting review of the charter. If not approved by the Country it goes state.
If the county does not approve it then we take it to state to be approved.

The Wonderful educators of the Charter school 30 minutes away said not to worry about it too much that when they started the process they ended up taking it it all the way to state education level. however if this happends it runs in to the next school year and I will have to go thru the pre enrollment process all over again. Ugh..

I'm sooo frusterated with the School system right now.. They Acknowledge that my daughter has some sort of learning disability but yet she does not score low enough on the testing to qualify. ( My daughter is a 5th grader with a 3rd grade math level)


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Julie - posted on 12/17/2010




It was referred to in another post about the Schools not helping my daughter. Titled : School admits problem but wont help. I didn't go in to great detail about the charter school there.

Katherine - posted on 12/17/2010




I think I replied to this somewhere else......can't remember where.....

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