The Great Debate

Katherine - posted on 02/10/2012 ( 7 moms have responded )




Jacket or No Jacket?

Do you put your kids in their car seats with or with out a jacket? Do you think it's safer with or without?

I used to try and squeeze mine in with a jacket, now no more! I read an article saying it's actually SAFER without because the straps aren't as loose.

Soooooooo, what do YOU do?


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Stifler's - posted on 02/11/2012




It's too hot here for a jacket. But I agree with taking it off for the car ride considering if I lived somewhere it was really cold the heater would be blasting.

Katherine - posted on 02/10/2012




I don't think I ever bundled up my second. I had one of those hood things that go over the car seat. I didn't realize how dangerous it was until I read the article and was thinking about it one day.

I started googling and found a lot of information that said NOT to put the jacket on.

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I like the putting the coat on backwards idea in the article you posted..

There used to be a thing circulating here that showed how to put the coat on the child but have the harness under the coat. It was too late for J, so we just used the blanket. but after reading that article, I'm glad I used the blanket because that still left a puffy coat behind the baby which could still compress....

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It does not often get cold enough for those big marshmallow coats in the car here. With J, I usually just took it off and tucked a blanket around him. That way, he could kick it off once the car was warm. He got hot REALLY easily (but of course I am very cold natured and blast the heat in the car).

I would not leave the coat on in the harness. I really cannot see a need for it, all cars have heaters in them, right? Even my 1974 Beetle had heat, and they only take a few minutes to warm up even in really cold places, so why risk it? You can also turn the car on for a few minutes and let it warm up before you put baby in, if it is really cold. Just make sure to pull the car out of the garage first. Most house garages are climate controlled anyway, so the car never gets too cold, but that could be a problem in an apartment. Plus, you can't really leave baby in the apartment to run start the car if it takes 5 minutes or more just to get TO the car....gee, I never really thought this through very well for apartment dwellers...

Still, I think a warm blanket laid over the harness would be warm enough and much safer than a coat.

Medic - posted on 02/10/2012




If it is anything thicker than a sweatshirt then yes I take it off of them. Well my oldest is in a booster so he leaves his on but the youngest is in a 5 point still so we take hers off.

Kaitlin - posted on 02/10/2012




I just want to throw out there that a sweatshirt thickness (what I consider a jacket) is different than one of those HUGE PUFFY WINTER COATS. You know?

I will put them in with thin jackets, but not with marshmallow puffy coats. We turn the heat on in the car and start it a few minutes before anyway, so it's toasty warm in there and they would get too hot anyway. We also have two blankets we put on them when it is very very cold and they love to snuggle up in them.

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