This has been bugging me

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and I suppose it's kind of petty, but whatever.

If anyone remembers me getting 'slammed' by 'someone' last September for 'neglect' because of a trash and cockroach issue in my van....

I would just like to say.... my kids came home from their 4 week visit on Thursday..... filthy, seriously scraped up, peeling from massive sunburns, and w/ a nasty cough (2 out of the 3).

I'm certainly not making excuses for any trash or cockroaches, but when it comes to parenting and child welfare.... which of the issues are REALLY important!


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Gina - posted on 08/01/2011




At least you have them back now,and you can give them the TLC only a mother can.
As hard as it is for you, you can be relieved that they had a good time.

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I was thinking about that very incident recently...and wondering how your kids were doing. Glad they are back home.

[deleted account]

Not the bottoms. The entire foot. ;) Seriously, we're barefoot or in slippers (flip flops) all the time and I've definitely seen/had dirty feet. I soaped up his feet on Thursday night (when they got home) and took off the top layer of filth, but he was too tired for a scrubbing. He scrubbed his feet 3 times w/ soap on a washcloth on Friday night before they were finally 'clean'. There is still dirt in the entire edge around most of his toenails. Never in 3 years of constant barefoot/slipperness have those feet been that bad off.

Nicola - posted on 07/31/2011




Do you meen to say feet aren't supposed to be black on the bottom bugger must look into that lol.

Tamara - posted on 07/31/2011




Wow, I am glad they are back.

I did want to say, my kids bath almost every other day, I still have to go in every few baths and scrub feet. Since apparently wearing any type of shoes in the summer is a crime (at least i am assuming since no one does) So for the feet I wouldn't worry to much, they are just hard to clean :)

[deleted account]

They had a good time and they love their dad and stepfamily. That's the really important thing I suppose, but it's still hard for me to see them get like that. I want to protect them!

They don't have access to city water, so have water catchment thingys and everyone can't shower every day. They were probably playing outside all morning the day they came home... which is fine... I don't mind a bit of dirt, but it took 2 days of scrubbing to get my son's feet clean!

They're out playing and having fun... and not being properly supervised... which is where most of the scrapes come from.... That wouldn't be TOO much of an issue w/out all the other things piled on top.

They did put sunscreen on, but when you're at the beach all day and don't reapply.... bad sunburns. My poor son's back is all splotchy right now. He's NEVER had a bad sunburn in his life before... only a small bit of pink on rare occasion. :(

Apparently one of my girls coughed pretty much the whole time they were gone.... No doctor visit though. Just cough syrup or cough drops. Her cough is MOSTLY gone, but when she does cough it's bad. My son is still coughing most of the night. Not much in the daytime, but at night it's so bad that he's puked twice (apparently my daughter puked several times while gone). I'm SO glad that my son is going in to get his TB test for preschool tomorrow. I'm going to talk to my stepmom (the ped's nurse) about just getting us in to talk to the doctor anyway.

Yeah, we're constantly battling cockroaches, BUT... so did my ex and I while we were together. @@ Neglect doesn't cause cockroaches... and it's not like I'm ignoring them. I set traps all the time.

Stifler's - posted on 07/31/2011




There's cockroaches at my house too. Meh. What the hell were they doing to get like that?!

Jodi - posted on 07/31/2011




I'd be pissed too Teresa......

Did the kids have a good time? It must be nice to have them back :)

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