ugh 17 weeks pregnant and constant nausea and sickness i also have 2 others kids any way to cope i am on diciclin but it expensive and doesn't work well if i eat i won't get sick but still nausea any ideas



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Amanda - posted on 07/14/2016




My nausea and projectile vomiting started since the 5th week and lasted 5 weeks ahead and I ended up with this situation after using No to morning sickness tea several times a day. It's an organic herbal supplement that won't hurt a prego woman or her baby.

[deleted account]

Oh so sorry :( With my 2nd child I literally vomited daily up until the day of my c-section. The myth is that girls produce higher levels of hormones & make you sicker, so maybe a girl? I found meds useless.. TMI, but I vomited in kitchen the sink a lot, because if I was vomiting in the bathroom & saw a pee spot on the toilet ect.. I would be there forever.

Salty did work for me,as well as jolly rancher sour apple candies & I learned how to pant & mouth breathe (I had a child in diapers & did it during diaper changes). I vomited like a 600lb drunk sumo wrestler, there was nothing dainty about it & I could not do it quietly. My other child even started to play vomit in her play kitchen sink because I did it so often (look, look mommy "blahhhh, blahhh, blahhh" & she would hold her belly!).

Just know that it means your hormone levels are good & hopefully it will pass.

Leeann - posted on 09/10/2011




I went through the same thing with all of my kids especially my boys, my middle child was the worst, i was sick so much i didn't gain any weight until i was five going on six months pregnant. running cold water of your wrists help, I'm not sure why something dealing with the pressure points. Ginger and peppermint helps as well. good luck to you hon, they call it morning sickness, but it doesn't always seem to be in the morning does it?

Katherine - posted on 09/04/2011




I'll have to remember that Holly, sounds like a really great product.

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Get some Seabands. I used one for the first 5 months of my pregnancy and it was great (I even wore it for my wedding - I would have rather had it on my wrist then be sick on my day!). It looks like a workout swaet band for the wrist, but it has a small plastic button-tpe thing that you place on the inside of your wrist. For some reason, putting something on that pressure point relieves sickness...

Christy - posted on 08/31/2011




Sounds archaic, I tried it and it worked for me. : Anything salty when I felt like I was gonna barf. Salty peanuts, pork, bland tasting chips with lots of salt (most of them have tons of salt, it won't take much) or a couple of slices of bacon. Good luck. It will pass eventually!

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