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So I've been doing some freelance product photography for a couple of valve and jewelry companies for the past few months, and I really enjoy it--peaceful.

I noticed that there was a great need for affordable portfolio photography for fine artists--sculptors, painters, and the like--so I decided to go ahead and create a business so that I can take advantage of the tax benefits next year and expand my client base. Simple right? NO!!!

The most difficult part is usually registering with my county and state, but this time that went through without a hitch! Miraculous.

The website, however, is giving me HELL.

First, I got locked out of my designer's account because they put the wrong expiration date on my credit card when I downgraded my service last month, and they wanted to charge me almost $200 in fees to reactivate! I don't think so. I spent an hour and a half getting into the account, getting that straight, and getting the fees waived because it was their mistake.

NEXT, I was locked out of my hosting account because my husband set it all wanky-jod so many years ago. He used to handle my web hosting stuff, but he won't help me anymore. FINALLY got into the right account and my domain transfer would not go through because apparently I have like 3 accounts and they are all different--I SHOULD have only ONE account with everything in it together. So I tried to merge them and I cannot, because the stupid transfer is pending!!!!!

Also, they gave me a temporary .dev to build my new site on until it was ready to launch publicly on the .com, and I've spent at least 12 hours working on that site and today, it is nowhere to be found. Completely gone.


I hate computers. today.


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Yep, back to business :) I never can take a very long break. I don't even know why I'm doing this--I really thought I was finished working and would be content just volunteering and "momming" but I saw this opportunity and couldn't pass it up :P It's like an addiction, I swear.

I'm going to keep this one small though--STRICTLY part-time.

I want to be the photographer--photographing things (as opposed to people, who drive me crazy) is very relaxing and fun.

Katherine - posted on 02/06/2012




That sucks Kelly. So you're back to business, that's a plus though! You'll get it sorted, I know you will :)

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