Who said Baking with a three year old is fun?

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I think I had the most frustrating afternoon or my life. Trying to bake with a three year old is not fun, who told us that.

How do you explain that you can't beat the living crap out of the mixture, well it was my own fault. It was chocolate brownies so not a good idea to have all the chocolate hanging about. And after we finished she was that wound up on all the chocolate that it was a whole other child i was dealing with. Nightmare

We made oatmeal cookies today, much better.


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LOL! I don't exactly like baking w/my oldest either! Funny thing, I'd do it and deal but then my husband goes and bakes cookies or something and he just won't be nice with our son when he tries to help! I can surely understand, but if you give him a job he can do, like dump the ingrediants in, then it makes it a little better :) I do understand the not wanting eggs on the floor, flour in the hair & choc. finger prints everywhere though ;) Cute!

Joanna - posted on 07/22/2010




I used to think it'd be fun to baked with Paige. Now I try and hurry and make things when she's not around, and my husband wonders why. He says "come on, why can't you let her help?"

It's because I don't want eggs on my floor, flour in my hair, and chocolate finger prints all over the house!

Geralyn - posted on 07/21/2010




My 27 month old likes to participate.... I put him in his high chair right at the counter, and I give him his own bowl and utensils to mix stuff - not the ingredients of what I am baking....

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