Another board had a thread called "bare bottom or not." I believe this subject deserves a community of its own. Let's get this new page warmed up until it's RED HOT!



My husband and I were both spanked as children and into our teens. Our boys are 11 and 12 and our daughters are 15 & 16. I had to spank both my boys today during a small...



This was the comment of Kylie Anne Ballard in another group. I just like the way her comment makes everything so clear, that I think it should be the headline of a new topic.


Unbearable spankings

Sense I posted my request for ideas on how to make my daughter's spankings effective again, I have gotten some great advice. Now she begs me not to spank her. I am glad to share...


Question help

I would like to know How many moms if any have their kids do chors after a spanking for the rest of the day like part of the punishment, but bottomless so if they say no you can...


Only bare bottom?

Hi guys, Just joined these forums. Obviously I'm not a mum, however due to our work and my shift patterns when the children were growing up I was the main stay at home parent....


A look into the past

One of my hobbies is looking through old news papers and articles. It's fun to get a sense of how things were in the past. Now I don't typically have any particular topic in...


spanking tools

Hello all I have three kids all under ten years old and when I spank them I found a great new tool the rubber splatula hurts and it leaves no marks. try it...... We also use...



My husband and I introduced a new method called layering .Short description. I will start of with the paddle. 20 minutes of a rest and he will continue with the strap .Only for...