Moms who want to loose weight & lead a healthier lifestyle

I have been introduced to a diet called Metabolic Cure - it resculps body and melts away the bad fats. Its not a fad diet, this diet teaches you new patterns of life of how and what to eat and how carbs etc affect the body when taking in more frequently than we need it and the period after stabilization and the resetting of the metabolism coupled with the best nutritional supplements have dealt with the hunger pangs and cravings, so what we have been eating should be what we like to eat now more regularly and add carbs now and again. NEW PATTERN OF LIFE. My both sisters were suffering from post-pregnancy weight and this Metabolic cure has helped them to loose 1 stone in 21 days and also had other health benefits like skin has improved and my eldest sister got rid of her hay-fever. It's also great to see them leading healthier lifestyle now. This diet has hit the German gyms by storm. I would like to share this as much as possible hoping to help others. Please email me for details: