any tips on getting my 2 year old to eat veg?all she will eat are peas,corn,and beans


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Cassandra - posted on 01/25/2009




Although it's hard to let your young children help you prepare veggies to eat (too much cutting involved) you can let her sit by and watch and then let her arrange the veggies on a plate. This works for my daughter, they love to play with their food and then eat the result. Choose colorful veggies with different shapes and textures to them to make it fun. You can join her by making your own veggie designs on your plate and enjoying eating them with her.

Brooke - posted on 11/17/2008




Try the cookbook Deceptively Delicious, its got heaps of recipes that sneak in vegetables, their great for the whole family and the kids dont even know theyre eating vegetables!

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I put spinach in the scrambled eggs and my daughter eats it. I usually give her a bite of the eggs and some tater tot on the fork so she has all that flavor mixed and won't taste the spinach. For some reason she loves steamed broccoli with just butter on it. I must be lucky in that sense though.

Lynn - posted on 11/06/2008




We actually make fresh juice. We put all the fruits they love plus we add some or all: spinach, carrots, celery, beets. A banana hides any veggies flavor..but the carrots and beets are sweet anyway. We just keep offering them the raw or cooked veggies with their supper. They spit it out the first few hundred times (kidding but it seems like it) then when they see it enough it becomes more familiar and they attept to eat it. My daugter is tough, but my son wont eat an omlet now unless it has onions, peppers and crushed red pepper. good luck!!

Judith Kennedy - posted on 10/30/2008




We give our kids juice plus - fruits and veggies in gummie form. Our pediatrician recommended and my doctor did too for me (capsules). Other than that we just limit junk and offer good stuff. I read somewhere that it often takes 15 times before a child will start to eat a specific food that is put before them.The gummie site is

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