My Son Won't Touch Fruit & Veg - HELP!!

Hollie - posted on 01/26/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )





My son is 3 in May and has real issues with food. Mainly hot food! He will not touch fruit & veg. The only meals he'll eat is lasagne, spag bol and chicken dippers.

We've tried him on plenty of different foods. He ate fine up until he was 18 months when he was in hospital with asthma, an since then he's been the fussiest little thing ever!!!

He refuses to try new things, and im at my wits end with fighting him at meal times.

We've tried using the method of if he doesnt eat his dinner he doesnt get anything else til the morning, but he's happy to go hungry.

Can anyone suggest anything...and is anyone else going through anything similar

Love Hollie & William - the fussy one!



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Judith Kennedy - posted on 01/31/2009




Hollie - The other posts from our members have some great suggestions. Let me tell you what I have learned being in the whole food industry.

1. It can take children up to 15 times to try a new food after it is introduced to him. You are the parent. If you keep introducing the same food over and over, even at every meal or at least once a day - he will eventually try it and maybe continue eating it.


2. Instead of just letting him go hungry and not eat until breakfast you can tell him "Okay - you don't have to eat this (let say carrots) tonight, you can wait until the morning to eat them. That is your next meal - period. He will eat them if you stand firm and he will get over the fusses if you stick to your guns and this is the way it is. His health is non-negotiable.


3. The more your child eats fruits and veggies the more their body will crave them and want them. 


4. And finally - Our pediatrician reccommends Juice Plus. It is fruits and vegetables in a caspule, chewable or gummie form. It's 22.75 a month for children. My children are much healthier now and actually prefer healthier food much more than they did before. On that note I must confess - I own a franchise distributing the Juice Plus but think everyone should take it whether they buy it from me or not. You can go to or purchase from another distributor.


Hope some of that helps!!

Lori - posted on 01/30/2009




Maybe try sneaking the food in like shredded carrots in spaghetti sauce?? What about smoothies? If he'll drink those you can make green smoothies which are mainly fruit with a green leafy veggie like spinach or romaine which have light tastes. There are lots of recipes out there if you're looking.

Anne - posted on 01/26/2009




If he likes chicken dippers-- try letting him dip veg in ranch dressing (you can make really healthy dressing w/ plain yoghert and dressing mix) OR you can have him dip chicken in purred veg like squash or something. Don't tell him it is veg, anyway.
As for the heat issue, have you tried giving him different foods when he is not tired (like breakfast time)? My daughter cannot stand to be tired and so dinner can be a battle if I try to introduce anything new then... but at snack or breakfast she is willing to take things on. She loves hot food in the am- I make her french toast w/ whole wheat bread, dipped in soymilk and with lots of cinnamin. If you use a lot of cinnamin you don't need a lot of maple syrup (and use the real maple syrup, not the nasty "pancake syrup" which is all HFCS).

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