Motivation, routine and attention... How do you do it?

Mitch - posted on 01/29/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm a busy mom of 3 kids. I work some weeks full time and others part time. My kids are heavily into sports. I'm doing my undergraduate studies through correspondance or online in Sociology. I'm presently taking 2 courses and in the Spring my last 2. I have to remind myself the reasons why I'm doing this. I'm struggling with motivation, setting a routine (because of my kids sports it's tough) and attention.

I'm curious to see how other's deal with this and would welcome any tips on how to get through it. :)


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wow!! im a single mom of a two year old who is now in this clingy stage, but thats okay. I started back to school to finish my degree to be a kindergarten teacher. i will be done after the fall classes. for now im up with her at 9 and we go to the library for story time or park or do things that are fun her. no homework or laptop. before i could let her run and play and watch cartoons and get stuff done for myfull time class load. now she wants me to play and to be with her or right by my side. my best time to work is while she is napping and at night while she is in bed. im taking summer classes fulltime and that keeps me busy and its fast paced. im actually suppose to be working on it now. so maybe with all of your activites with your kids you need to set a few hours the same time everyday to work on it. my motivation is that my little one relies on me and only me and i have to keep good grades for my funding and pass my classes for my degree. when im done i will workin the school district with her and have the same schedule through the year as she does.

Kimberly - posted on 03/13/2012




I have to keep a routine. I try to balance all work, school, and family but I always feel like I am failing at one. I intentionally do not work on the weekends and I stack my school on two days and do not work on the days that I go to school. You will know the schedule that will work for you. I suggest getting a planner, calendar because you have to almost plan your days in advance inorder to be able to accomplish the college deal. Good luck!

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