New mom- need advice/ support

Nikkibowens97 - posted on 12/29/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi, i'm 19, i know its a bit young. I'm almost to my third year of college. I'm currently 36 weeks and 6days. I'm technically a single mom because i'm not married but the father of my child and boyfriend is very supportive and helpful. But, he's also in the marines, and overseas right now. Of course we keep in contact and talk every day and he sends me money for the baby and stuff. But i also don't want to have to depend on him if things go bad. I would stay with my parents, but, they are both smokers and drinkers. and things right now are not good between them so they are preparing to split.
But, after my baby and postpartum i am starting school and planning to get another job. I just need to know if it's possible. I don't want my newborn baby to be neglected or feel like i don't love him or me not be able to care for him how i should because im working and going to school to get my own place and stuff. My boyfriend is also worried about this, for my health and the baby being cared for properly too. I'm just trying not to stress and just would like some advice

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