Can't believe what some people put on the internet...

Nicole - posted on 03/09/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I was surfing a minute ago and just saw the most ridiculous website!!! I understand that people are more then entitled to have their own opinion and I fully support a opinion when it is an educated one but this is just crazy! This person claims to be posting quotes from books, the internet, newspapers, people who work in daycare, parents, and such, but alot of the quotes are personal ones that are from the author's own personal thoughts and they are quite malicious and even far-fetched! Check it out and tell me what you think.


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Melissa - posted on 05/05/2010




Im not even going to dignify any of that trash with a response. WOW! I am disgusted. and to think that this person probably has children of their own, can you imagine what they are like??!?

Elizabeth - posted on 05/03/2010




i can see what some of the things this site is saying but most of it is just rubish. I dont belive a childcare carer can love your child just as you do but over time of caring for your child then yes you do grow some kind o flove for them esp if you have had them form a tiny baby untill they go to school and some children do become part of your family all depending on how long they spend with you. i am a registered childminder after working as a nursery nurse for years. i wouldnt put my youngest in to chilcare, my other two wnet to pre-school at the age of 3, but i dont feel my youngest would benefit from being in a nursery. it does bug me how the groverment go on about how children are better of in childcare and all this rubbish. dont get me wrong some childcare places are great but i have been to a few that i would not even think twice about leaving my child a childminder any child i have in my care comes 1st, the day is all about them. i belive we have to much paper work to do as a childminders. ive taking all my children to toddlers groups and they have turned out great, some paretns dont have a choice but to go back to work. but site like that dont make it any easyer for them to do it.

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I also think families and nannies/au pairs put so much personal information and contact details on the Internet on the au pair/nanny matching websites. Putting too much personal information on the internet isn´t safe.
That´s why I created my own au pair /nanny matching website with it´s own secure email system. So no personal information is displayed.
Come visit us at to find your next au pair/nanny job.

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That has got to be the most ridculious thing I have ever read. I think people should really educate themselves before creating a childcare bashing site. Apparently that person has nothing better to do with their time. I feel sorry for them.

Hilary - posted on 03/24/2009




"Daycare steers kids toward drug abuse" !!!!! WOW, never heard that one before!!! The bottom line is that anything that can be put into a group can (and probably will) be bashed. Hold your heads up high, daycare moms! Those of us who DO care know what a great job we do with all of the kids that we CARE for!

Antonia - posted on 03/12/2009




That is pretty sick! I admit that there are centres out there with a less than shining reputation, but at the daycare centre that I work in the staff all LOVE children.

I know that I personally take pride in the childrens achievements and by the time a year passes by I have fallen in love with each and every member of our kindy family.

It is very unfair for parents considering childcare reading through that site, it makes us sound like heartless, souless witches!

I agree that daycare centres aren't always ideal for kids, but they are not all doom and gloom either

Chantel - posted on 03/10/2009




OMG!!! I can't believe that crap!! For one thing the author is lumping everyone together. Maybe some places aren't that great but that doesn't mean ALL daycare is bad!! Some people don't have a whole lot of choice but to go back to work and if they read something like that they're going to feel horrible to take their child to daycare when its already hard!!

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