Having a Baby, not sure about logistics.

Liz - posted on 08/22/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




Just wondering what everyone who ownes their own family childcare did when they had their children.

Just a little background. I operate a large (between 8-10 children/daily and all children are above 18mo, I do not care for infants) family childcare. There are two of us who care for the children, myself and a helper. My daughter was 2 when I started the business so I never had to worry about the logistics of having to work and having a newborn.

I'm very excited to be having another child but also very nervous about "how" I'm going to physically care for this many children plus a new baby. Do I find someone to sub for me (I would be taking a great pay decrease in doing so because in order to find quality help you must pay well), do I close for 2 weeks (I have a paid 2 week vacation every year) and then go back with the baby after 2 weeks? I cant imagine being up at night with a newborn and then spending 10hrs a day caring for 10 2yr olds ( I may loose my mind). Im not sure what the best option is. My husband will be home for the first 2 months from his job, so that will def help.

What did everyone do it??


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Karen - posted on 02/22/2011




i have 5 children that i care for, and when i'm sick, etc my mother fills my place. when i had my son last year my mother filled in for me while i was in the hospital. after i was home my husband took a two week vacation to help out (i would do the first wake of the night then he would do the second so i could sleep). after two weeks he went back to work and i was on my own. it really depends on your baby as to whether it will work for you or not. my son always has been a great sleeper and by 8 weeks slept 10hrs through the night so it was easy for me to work and not go insane.

Jennifer - posted on 01/11/2011




what you can do legally depends on where you live. I just saw an ad in local classifides offering students the oppurtunity to learn about being an ECE by comming into her home and assisting while she is caring for her infant. Like an 8 month internship, she continues to plan the curriculum, but the student carrys it out. Personally i went and worked at a day care to get my maternaty leave hours so i could be off paid durring my mat leave. alot of moms just ask for a few weeks off. In Canada your not allowed to have more then 5 kids unless yoru liscenced in which case max is 7 including your own children. Perhaps cutting back clients will help.

Michelle - posted on 11/24/2010




I got lucky with my son. I hired someone to help me, I can only have 5 kids, so she could be alone. I also had a young girl that helped toward the end. I luckily went into labor on sunday and was gone til tuesday. I was in and out of the school for 2 weeks, and then back full day after that. I guess if you can get away with closing, go for it, but if you will be out the money, you might as well see if you can find a sub and have the parents know that you will be around as you are the person they "hired" to watch their child. I would be afraid that if I took a leave, they would find someone else to watch their child.

Hilary - posted on 10/07/2010




When I had my third child, I had been doing daycare for only a few months, so all of my dc families knew when they started that I was expecting and I told them at that time about my plans for after. I only took 3 weeks off, and I only had 3 dc kids at that time. Also, my husband took a week off from work for my first week back so that he could be home and help me transition back into taking care of the other kids along with the new baby. Having him there was a HUGE help for that first week back. I now have about 8-10 kids in my daycare and if I were to have another of my own, I think that I would do the same again. I know that I would lose almost all of my families if I took off much longer...it's just too hard to make alternate arrangements for that long without it being permanent.

Sarah - posted on 08/24/2010




I am very interested in the responses you will get. I too have been thinking about this situation. We are thinking about having our third and I am trying to figure out how to do the day care part. When I started doing day care I was pregnant with my daughter, but was only watching one child at the time, so taking time off was not a big deal. I now have 6 kids that I watch. RIght now my plans are to take 3 months off for maturnity leave. I do not have any helpers and I know I will need that peace and adjustment time for myself and the new baby. Financially I have been saving $ so that it does not hurt us for not having that income for those 3 months. The one part I am worried about is if I will lose families due to the amount of time I plan to take off. As of right now I know that for my family and myself I am going to need those 3 months, so I can totally understand if I lose some of my families (3 months is a long time to find alternative care). But I also know that I can get more kids when I start back up after my 3 month leave....just not something I would prefer to have to do. Your situation is a little bit different because you have a helper that also depends on your business. What I would maybe do is close for those first 2 wks. then hire a sub for the next month or so. You will still have the noise and disruption of the daycare in your home, so make sure this will still work for your family and your sanity. I think you deserve to give yourself 6 wks of maturnity leave. This will give your body a chance to heal and for you to adjust to your new family and the needs that has.

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