What Curriculum ( if any ) do you use in your daycare??

Chantel - posted on 01/11/2009 ( 8 moms have responded )




I'm head over heals in love with the Reggio Emelia approach to child care and I'm wondering what other methods for teaching other home based centres are using. What have you tried ? What worked what didnt??


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Kirsten - posted on 02/26/2009




I learned about Reggio Emilia along with the project approach.  I love the idea of a child led theme and that is what the project approach offers.  It also has a great step by step program that can be used when working on a project.  I have worked in several programs that have used this approach and each was different in it's own way but the common factor was the steps of the project and the child led theme.  The project approach has a great website with a wide variety of resources www.projectapproach.org  I also took an incredible course several years ago that was a week long retreat that taught the project approach through hands on learning.  This was hands down the best learning experience I have every had and would recommend to anyone interested in this learning style.

Kirsten - posted on 02/26/2009




Quoting Vicki:

I love Becky Bailey, Conscious Discipline. I work w/ 18 mo -2yr. Any ideas?

This is a great program for anyone to use.  Even if you can't impliment the entire approach any or all of it is very useful.  I actually got the chance to meet Becky at a child care conference several years ago and learn some of the program first hand from her.  It was wonderful and really gave me some good information on how to communicate with children. 

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Any program can be successful if it is child led (based on their current interest) and has an emphasis on early literacy and numeracy skills in your chosen theme. If the theme isn't catching on, or they seem disinterested, move on to your next theme. Don't be tempted to set it in stone and be flexible... too structured doesn't always work... It will only work if they are actively participating in the projects you have presented. For resource ideas: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/group... You can connect with other Mom's who are not merely babysitting, but creating their own quality programming that give great kids, great head starts in school. Have fun with it♥

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I like the Reggio Emelia approach, but with being the director of a daycare center with over 80 children daily, that approach is not reasonable. We use the internet, the mailbox magazine, and themed books for our classes, check out creative teaching press (they have a website) for tons of books on all themes, lessons, management, circle time and the list goes on......its like a book club, but has a lot of variety of information.

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i worked at a centre that was based on reggio emelia, but we ended up moving towards more structured programming to deal with behaviour issues. we continued basing our theme/projects on the childrens interests but within a structured schedule.

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I use the internet and d sites that I can use for the theme I am working on. I get a lot of craft ideas from this and I have kept crafts from my own kids when they were young and use them in my themes too

Hilary - posted on 01/13/2009




I'm not familiar with Reggio Emelia, but I have been using a book called "Creative Resources for the Early Childhood Classroom" by Herr & Libby. I really like it a lot. I choose a theme for each week, and it has parent letters that you can modify or copy and send home about each theme. I like the letters because they help keep the parents involved and sometimes it even promts them to contribute in some way. Each theme is packed full of ideas that tie together, so I can pick and choose which ones will work best for our group! There is also a website that I have used, www.woodlandsmommy.com, where you can click on "Free Lesson Plans" and it has a year's worth of very simple weekly themes to do with young kids.

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