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Moms whose husbands are over the road truckdrivers

This is for any mom that is at home and trying to raise their children with a husband that is an over the road truck driver ( or business man ... whatever ) that feels like a single mom



How do u keep yourself occupied and not worrying about him every sec while he's away? Has anyone ever gotten over the discomfort of your husband not being around?



So, they say its supposed to get easier with time and you just get used to him being gone. But why does it seem to be getting harder every time he leaves again? He has only been...



What do you do to keep trying to love on your husband when he is gone all the time? We lost that "spark". Not just is harder and harder to talk to him when...



My husband and I have a son who is almost seven. He just began driving a truck last year. I can make sense of him not being home before and now I can't. How does one do it when...



Hello everyone I'm new to the group and just wanted to say hi. It's nice to know there is others out there that are going through the same things.:)...