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Nicole - posted on 11/15/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




My SO just started truck driving and although things are going well he will not be home for Thanksgiving or Christmas. We have a little boy who just turned three and I was wondering how some of you would handle it. He already missed his third birthday and Halloween. I'm thinking of just rescheduling the holiday and celebrating it when it works for us. Fortunately at three our son doesn't have much of a concept of what day it is unless I tell him.

Please share what you have done in the past when this type of thing has happened to you. Thanx.


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Anjanette - posted on 12/15/2008




Well our Thanksgiving was put on hold by a week. My husband had requested to come home the day after Thanksgiving and this is the first time they kept telling him they couldn't send him this way. I unfortunately cannot fool my kids on what day it is. I have 4 kids the youngest being 8 so they know what day it is! My husband feels bad missing so much but with the economy where we live there is no way of finding a local job anytime soon. He missed two of our girls birthdays this past week. He will hopefully be here for my son's. The company he works for is getting everybody home on the 24th or 25th. Which will be great since my son still "believes". It was hard at first for us but the holidays just seem like every other normal day when he's gone. School age kids are hard though~he tries to make it home when they have a vacation from school.

Velvet - posted on 12/08/2008




Hi, It hard, very hard,

We worked hard to make sure that he's home for the big one's Like Christmas, we work around the rest, Have a birthday party without dad make it fun, then save a small birthday present for dad to give, make cupcakes for the party that you have when dad comes home.

Kids learn to make it work if you make it work.

I liked to let the girls have a party with their friends on their birthday if possible especially if dads not going to be home. That helps alot too.They also learn that not everything is set in stone, sometime you have to bend alittle.

I hope this help

good luck!

Tiffany - posted on 11/19/2008




I agree ... it does suck not having them home on the actual day of the holiday and having to go spend the days with families without him ... but ... rescheduling so he can be home is a good idea. We used to have to do that. However since my hubby has changed truck driving jobs ... he gets every holiday off now. Well it's only been 6 months that he's been with this new company and guess the holidays aren't here yet so guess we will see if his boss is true to his word or not!!

Michelle - posted on 11/15/2008




We have done that and then I have just either celebrated with the kids and family on the actual day as well. They kind of like that as they get two holidays or sometimes three if the two sides of the family celerate on different days. The kids think its really special because it's "Daddy's Holiday". He also calls on the day to talk to them about it.

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