Moms with 4+ kiddos

How big of a difference was it for you financially to jump from 4 kids to 5 to 6 or even 7? How hard was it to do things, i.e-family vacations, go out to places, etc...? And how much harder is it taking care of a lot of children? I have heard that once you get past 3 kids,you can't even tell the difference!?? Lots of momma's out there have lots of questions like these! If you have questions or want to talk, this post is for moms with 4+ kids to come and chat, come and vent, come to brag or even relate with other moms. (this includes ladies that have three kiddos and are pregnant with a fourth [or fifth if you're expecting twins]) Feel free to join, introduce yourself, tell us how many kiddos you have, etc... Enjoy!