Mom's with AD/HD or ADD

This group is for mothers suffering with ad/hd or add. This group is not intended for mothers who have children with add or ad/hd unless of course they themselves suffer from one of these as well.


ADHD all my life

Hello All, So I've been dealing with ADHD and Depression for as long as I can remember. It's always affected my life from early on. Trouble in school, with friends, with work,...


straterra for ad/hd

my 9 yr old was on strattera for ad/hd and it made him aggresive. i was wondering has anyone had their child on this drug and what was it like for u.


Newly Diagnoised with my son

Hi, My name is Shari and I am a 31 yr old single mom of 2. Gavin 5, recently diagnoised with AD/HD combined and Lillian 2. In August my divorce was finalized and I am now...



I have been recently dx'd here the thing I also have had terrrible anxiety my whole life . In the past I have always had very fast paced jobs and I just think because of that...