How do you handle a 4yr yelling and hitting his older brother who ADHD and other medical problem that go along the the ADHA


Chelle - posted on 12/27/2008




Well....I am an old fashioned parent...A 4 yr old is not to little for a small wack to the bottom and a dose of good old fashioned fear of the "wrath of Mom" lol. I believe that children need discipline. Positive reinforcement is awesome for when they are good, and should be used liberally, but they have to have consequences when they are bad. Be it a spanking, toys taken away, standing in a corner, or something a long those lines( and there is a HUGE difference between abuse and discipline). Kids have to know that they are children and you are the parent or when they are older they will make your life hell. I know there is a huge group of moms that may disagree with me, I've met some resistance to my parenting style, but it really has worked for my 3, and I've seen what a lack of discipline can do to kids and their parents. It is not pretty or fun.

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