moms with adopted children

this is for moms with adopted children, and moms to be of adopted children. there are alot of interesting questions out there


Transition to Parenthood Research

Hi, my name is Kaija Stasko and I'm a Master's degree candidate in Infant Mental Health at Mills College in Oakland, CA. I am studying how adoptive and birth parents experience...

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Hello moms I need your help

Hello, I am part of a grad program that is doing research about adopting international children. My parents adopted 2 boys and I am currently researching identity crisis when...


Good or bad idea??

Me and my husband have a biological 3yr old son and were asked to adopt a 9 yr old boy whos mother and father will lose rights to him and his other siblings in about a month....


Re; help

I am a biological mom who has never given up on riuniting with my children. I am at wits end. The state says I can not get in touch with them until they are 21. I say B.S. Sorry...


Birth Mom is appealing!!!!!!

We wanted to have more children, so we went through MN waiting children, looking to adopt a sib group. We were told about these wonderful children that needed a home, and we...


open adoption

we adopted our little guy last year. we keep in contact with the birth mom by phone and visits. It seems to be working well. Is there anyone out there that has had an open...