Mom's with awesome Partners.

Since I haven't seen a group except "Mom's with wonderful Husbands." I descided to make a group for mom's who are not married, for what ever reason that may be. This community is for Mom's to talk about how great there partners are. Just everything great about them. This community is open to everyone. Just because we are not married doesn't mean we don't love our partners the same as a 'wife would love a husband'. Just because we don't have a ring on our finger, and something written on paper saying we are married, doesn't mean that we don't belong together. We shouldn't be excluded from groups because we are not married. I have a very loving partner, he's a great father, and my best friend. If it was up to me, we would be getting married, but he doesn't want to get married. However, we have lived together for 2 years, been friends for ever. If anyone else feels like they shouldn't be excluded from communities because they are NOT married please come join my group.


My fiance :-)

I noticed no one has commented on here yet?! I have 3 children, 3 years, 15 months and 10 weeks. My Partner isn't my 3 year old dad but he's been there since she was born and i...



Well hello there. I'm Laura. I'm 21 years old, and from Canada. I'm a mother of a 9 month old baby. He was born April 3, 2008. Anyways. Please come join this group...