Mom's with babies with a cleft lip/palate

This group is for moms whose babies where born with a cleft palate/ lip. You are able to come here and ask each other question and to see what each others babies are going through with their diability.


surgery # 2 now over

harley corbett was born aug.27 2009 he is now 19 months now. he had his first surgery at 3 months and 10 lbs.. to fix his lip and soft palate. We had hard palate surgery...


soon to be new mom

this is my first baby !! in due aug. 29th 2009 im still not sure what to think because me and my husband , got the glory of finding out that our son has both a cleft lip and...


I'm new

Hi! I'm new to the circle of moms and this group. I am mom to 3 boys- ages 16 , 5 and 2. My oldest, from a previous marriage, was born with cleft lip/palate. My heart is...



Hi to all members Im a mum to 4 kids, the latest Myleigh 7 months old was born with a unilateral cleft lip and complete cleft palate. Both have been repaired. I hope to meet...