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any stay at home jobs available?

i just had my son on october 31, 2009 and i need a job asap but i want to stay home with my baby. Do any of you ladies know about stay at home jobs?


Step mother

My eldest daughter is 12, she lives with her dad. Her step mother and I get along. I dont have issues with her as a person and if she does about me, she doesnt say it. I do...


Muscle disorders/dieases

Not sure of anything yet but my 10 month old might have a problem with his muscles I am just wonderin if anyone has a child that has or had low muslce tone as infant? What...


moving bub into own cot

Hey everyone, im about to move our 8 1/2 month old Abby into her own cot in her own room for the first time. We had he rin her cot up to 3 months of age, and then started...


Any moms practicing abstinence?

I have started a new community to support single moms who have made a choice to "wait until they are married" (first time or again) or maybe those who would like to start but...


Still wanna be young

After having my four (4) kids i somehow now find myself wanting to be young again, is there something wrong with me, did i have my kids at a young age for me to feel this way?


summer trip

hello,this year i want to go to pensecola,florida with my 4 children to give them their first beach experince,but i don't know where to start like what websites to look under...


I'm new on Circle of Moms

Hello Ladies, I'm new to Circle of Moms and the moms with black hair group. I have 2 children, Tiffany - 14 and Brandon - 9. I look forward to talking with you and sharing...



whats is the normal body temperature for children?


Keeping away grays

I am young and already have a lot of grays. What at-home hair color can I use that will cover grays for an EXTENDED period of time. I find that they seem to creep through! Thanks!



hi everyone, im moving back to Melbourne in two days and wondering if any mums wanna go for pram walks with me round the bay. i am currently living in middle park but do have a...