Mom's with blind children

For mothers with blind or low vision children.



I was just wondering if there was any parents of children with optic-nerve hypoplashia. My daughter Lacy is 2 yrs old and was diagnosed at about 2 weeks old.. she's my first...



I have a 4yr old who has ROP in both eyes. Im looking to make connections with people with similar scenarios for support and friendship.


new to this site

hi everyone i am new to this site i have a 4 month old son who has been diagnosed with bilateral retinal coloboma and right micropthalmia which means he has no vision in his...


Hi, all!

My name is Kim and my 4 month old son, Kale was born with bilateral microphthalmia and blepharophimosis. I also have a daughter who will be 5 this March who is such an amazing...


not social?

Ok so my son is now 2 and 4 months and he seems to be angry all the time. He gets really mad when we are aroound alot of people so i try to limit the time we are in public. at...



ok so i was debating on this last year and i still got like a few years till my 2 year old will even understand but how are you all gona do the whole satna thing? i mean most...



Hello, My name is Kathleen and I have a two and a half year old son who was born with anaridia,was wondering if there were other families dealing with same thing. I am...



Anyone know of some good toys for a low vision child? I need something that lights up pretty much all over



I have a been a bit out of touch with this group. We recently found a stem treatment in Asia that can restore some of daughters sight. Just wanted to say welcome :)



Just so happy and excited that i had to tell everyone!! my son ilias is 2 years and 4 months and as of wednesday the 9th ilias is now sitting up on his own!!! ilias is blind and...



My name is Terri. My youngest daughter was born with bilateral anopthalmia. She just turned four. She is delayed in walking and talking, due to CP. The happiest little thing...



Hi, My name is Amy and live in NH. I have 3 children (14 yrs, 10 yrs and 8 months) it's my youngest who was diagnosed at 3 weeks old with primary bilateral congenital glaucoma....


where to start?

Just one week ago, my husband and I found out our six month old son is blind. The first thing I did was cry. Before a single thought or real worry even had time to process. Just...


News i wasnt ready for

first off HI im new to this group...My son Riley is going to be 6mths on the 16th of july! we took him to the eye doctor yesterday because we thought that he had a lazy...


Amy's story.

I wanted to share my story with everyone and hope this helps you. I am 42 years old and soon will be 43. I was 4 months old when the doctors found out I had a brain tumor the...


Help finding a new dr....

Hi my name is cecilia and i am the proud mama to a 2 1/2 year old baby boy named ilias! he was born blind with ONH, he has diabeties insipidus, infintile spasms, and he has...


We're from the Philly area

Hi, My son Justin is 10. He's totally blind due to under-developed optic nerves. We're from Philadelphia and now live in South Jersey. Anyone live around those areas?