Mom's with boyfriends

Single moms with a boyfriend that is not the parent of any of your children


Why haven't my son and boyfriend bonded?

Hi everyone, this is my first post so hopefully I can get some help for a newbie! I'll start off with a background report.. I'm 24 and my son (Jackson) will be 5 in August. I...


New Relationship

Hi. I am in a new relationship and just nervous. He seems like a great guy with no kids. I have a 4year old who he seems to be really good with. Her father is not around, which...


nosey people

Does anyone else have a boyfriend who is " DADDY ", but not the father, and people constantly want to ignore that the " father " is not your children's daddy? My ex husband has...


Having time alone

Does anyone else have trouble trying to find alone time? I also go to school from about 1 till 5 Monday to Thursday and my two youngest are in daycare all day and my oldest goes...