Moms with Children with ADHD

This a community where mothers with children that have ADHD can meet and discuss ways that have worked on dealing with this disability.Also it is just a place if we feel like venting we can!!We love our children but sometimes we just need a place to talk to the Moms that are dealing with this.


so overwhelmed!!

Hi I am a mother of four and sometimes five on the weekends. My two oldest have ADHD and ADD... My daughter has ADD but isn't the problem child should I say. My 10yr old son who...


6 year old son with severe ADHD

My son was diagnosed when he was 4 and he is now taking Vyvance, and Clonidine for sleep. Anytime after 1pm, he is off the wall and out of control whether I keep him busy or...


i suspect my 3yo is adhd

A little background... I'm ADHD and I know the struggles and my symptoms. That being said I choose not to medicate myself for personal reasons but I am beginning to suspect my 3...


Help my daughter is a hard head

I just found this support group, i hope i can get some ideas and some self esteem relief. I have a 3 year old micro preemie precious girl. She is being seen for all sorts of...



teenage tmr son has been labeled as havin adhd how is that



my son has been diagnoses with adhd since 4 years old kindergarten and 4th grade his was in meds. He was in trouble every day, he was very below grade, loose weight, so I...