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Hi there,

Would anyone be able to give me some information on yuoung children with dislexia?

My four year old has had slow speach, as far as her pronounciation. She has alot of problems learning her alphabet and numbers, I can teach her the same letters over and over and as soon as i mix up the order she gets confused ( as if she cannot recognize them). The doctors tell me that they will test and diagnose when she starts school. I am fairly positive she has this learning disability but am concerned on waiting for the diagnoses. I want to find ways of teaching her before she starts school so she has a start on her education. I know my child is not stupid but i dont want her to feel this way because she is not able to learn as fast as the other children. Any advice and information on what to look for in a dislexic child would be greatly appreciated!!




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Andrea - posted on 11/10/2008




Continue to read to your child. Know that to teach a dyslexic child that if it takes a non- dyslexic child a hour to learn something new, it may take a dyslexic child 3 hours. Use different methods. Like the previous post use clay, flour, or shaving cream for her to write her alphabet. Try reading the same book each day so she get's familiar with the words in that book. Break your learning time up into 15 min, increments. Read as much as you can on this subject. Remember to be proactive and not reactive when dealing with your child's education. Don't listen to teachers who have a wait and see attitude. You know your child, and you will be the best advocate for your child then anyone else. Also constantly let her know that people learn in different ways and no way is better than the other. If you still notice her self esteem suffering maybe try counseling all of these things have done wonders for your son. The school won't test her until she is in at least 2nd grade. If dyslexia is what your daughter has then your in for the long haul. Best of luck. It can be done:)

Virginia - posted on 10/30/2008




Go to this website and watch the Video's

If that link don't work try this one

My son is 10 year old a and I just had him tested ( he only reads at 1st grade level ) I wish I did it sooner . . Virginia

Chloe - posted on 10/26/2008




try getting some modeling clay and forming the letters with her out of the clay, I know this works well in learning the alphabet. The best book I've read on the subject is The Gift of Dyslexia. You should be able to get it from your local library

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