Is Implanon making your symptoms worse

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So I've had my Implanon out. When I had it put in only just over a year ago I was told the hormones it produces do not effect any part of your personality or mentality.
Recently I went to the Dr and said I know that implanon is not meant to have an effect on my mental status but I really feel that it is and so does my husband.
My Dr's response was that she gets many girls every week complaining of serious changes in their personality and mental health after getting the implanon birth control and so are other Doctors. So much that studies are being conducted into what many woman are experiencing all over the world.
She offered to remove my implanon immediately, I said yes please. My personality and mental health improved noticeably within a week. I'm not back to my normal self but I feel a whole lot better and find it easier to cope and have started to enjoy my children and life again.


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Hi Chrissey,

I just had my Implanon removed today, after less than 2 weeks. I do not suffer from chronic depression BUT since I had the implanon I went from a perfectly "balanced" character to some kind of hysteric overanxious and totally irritable person. It started about 5 days after I had the implant and got worse every day.

I never (well very rarely) have fights with my husband, and now it is every day almost and he has nothing to do with it. I just snapped at the smallest thing. And yell. And then cry. Same with my kids, I snap for nothing. I went from a patient mom to a mad woman yelling all the time for nothing, followed by unstoppable cries.

Plus I was having constant headaches and pain, like pre-menstrual syndrome...but daily.

My gynecologist said it wasn't the implant, but I don't believe in coincidence, nor does by husband.

So I had it removed today. I hope to be back to my own self soon.

If anyone feel like they have weird personality change since they are using implanon please take it seriously and don't have your doc say it is not the implanon. It had consequences for me, even tho I am not suffering from depression (prior to using that crap).

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