My blood sugars/stress

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is there any one else out there who is having problems with blood sugars levels and stress? i need some helpful pointers about getting them lowered.


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Jessica - posted on 08/03/2010




What I've found helps my sugars the most is actually just being really boring about meals :S

Breakfast - 8am 30g carbs
Snack - 10am 15g carbs
Lunch - 12pm 50g carbs
Snack - 3pm 15g carbs
Dinner - 630pm 50g carbs
Snack - 9pm 15-30g carbs

That's something a nutritionist and I set up, but by eating roughly the same thing at the same time day to day my sugars have been really stable so far. It's kept them low enough that I haven't had to take any humalog with meals to keep the numbers around where they ought to be.

Phyllis - posted on 05/04/2010




My nutritionist put me on vitamin B-100 daily, supposed to help with convert carbs to energy and reduce stress. That plus a walk has helped me alot.

Amanda - posted on 05/03/2010




Walking has always helped me too, even if it was just around the block a couple of times. Being pregnant my insulin resistance was gone up way way high in the morning due to all of the extra hormones, so taking a morning walk not only jump starts my body but keeps me relaxed throughout the rest of the day.

Elizabeth - posted on 04/25/2010




It's hard to control your sugar levels no matter what form of insulin you are using. This has been my prognosis. I do know that stress really gets my levels going crazy and what I do is try to remove myself from whatever the situation is and I breath and think. I need to remember that the diabetes has to come first in most cases. Drink plenty of water when it's high. Go for walks, that not only lowers the sugar levels but it's a relaxing way to clear your head. Take care.

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