moms with empty nest or almost empty

Moms who are older or empty nesting


Upcoming Freedom

My youngest child graduates from high school in June and my mind feels like a scattered mess. I don't know what to do with all the official freedom I will have. There are no...


Son has left at 17

Hi my 17 year old has joined the army and I have a 15year old at home . Life changing when the graduate from high school and leave within four months! I'm very proud of him...


My nest may never be empty

My only son, Ed, is 26. He went to school but then moved right back in, around the same time I got a divorce. Now he wants us to get on this TV show about parents with older...


High School to Collge

Okay, why did they not give instructions with this child when I brought her home from the hospital. Like...This is how you apply for colleges, this is how you look for the right...