How do you deal with working and fibromyalgia?

Brenda - posted on 07/08/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




I work in the cold - I hurt worse when I am cold - and have to put heavy boxes away - I work in the meat dept, so I have to put away 70 lb boxes of chicken and briskets. By the time I get home, I am hurting so bad that all I can do is go to bed. This, of course, is not fair to my boys. They want me to go swimming with them, or play ball with them - things I used to do when my older boys were younger. I can't quit work, and I can't transfer without losing the money I make in this department... I just deal with each day and try to get thru it.


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Dana - posted on 02/17/2010




Brenda, are you still working in the meat dept? The one suggestion that I have for you is to soak in very warm water in your bathtub for 15-30 minutes. I literally fill up my bathtub as high as it will go to totally immerse myself in my bathtub. Pour some aromatherapy bath salt or Epsom salt into the water to reduce aches & pains. To help promote relaxation, turn off all the lights, place scented candles in your bathroom and let your children know that mom is taking a "time out" so you are not interrupted. Or simply wait, until your children go to bed to seek complete solitude in a warm bath. The warm water is very therapeutic and it feels great! Mom's truly need to take time to care for their body, soul & mind, especially moms dealing with chronic pain. Aqua therapy is also a wonderful therapeutic method for reducing chronic pain. I go to a local rehab hospital that provides an indoor heated pool for outpatient aqua therapy. I love the warm water exercises & it does help reduce my fibro pain!

Jeannine - posted on 01/17/2010




Wow, you poor thing. I am new here, so I am just reading it now-what are you doing now? Are you still doing this job? Have you spoken with your doctor? Good luck!

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Hi Brenda, i work in the cold too, lifting heavy items like canned foods at the local supermarket. I've had to cut back another day as i just can't cope with the work. Is there any other job you could do ?

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Hi Brenda, i work at a cold supermarket stocking shelves, and lifting up to 6 kgs at a time, then grovelling on my knees on the floor stacking the cans into the shelves...I work 4- 8pm at night and do that 3 times a week. basically i can't cope and am going to have to reduce my hours even more. I usually take medication to get me through my shift, and come home knackered. As Ronda mentioned A warm bath would be a geat idea especially with 1/2 cup epsom salts added to the water. I don't know how you work full time... i know i can't.

Rhonda - posted on 07/21/2009




Hi Brenda, I work full time as well and 2nd shift to boot. I work in a distribution center as an Operations Manager but, still need tolift up to 70 lbs if I have a person call in. I also walk alot in my job. I have had fibro now for probably most of my adult life but didn't get diagnosed until about 7 yhears ago. I now wear a pain patch which helps alot. I know what you mean when you say you just want to go to bed when you get home. When my hot tub worked I would go get in after work and that helped alot. Since I do not have my hot tub running yet I use the bath tub and will soak in hot water. I then can stretch a little before going to bed. I also bought myself an electric mattress pad so that when I am in bed I can turn it on (even in the summer) that helps alot. Maybe you can take a small nap when you get home from work. That will refresh me enough that I don't fall asleep in my chair before 9 pm on weekends.

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