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Isabelle - posted on 03/10/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 39 years. With a 14 and 5 year old .. I would love to get back in shape but with all the constant pain.. It seems impossible and overwhelming .. I could use some real advice..


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Julie - posted on 10/07/2016




Look up dr Richard Shultz and his detoxes. Basically medical Drs don't focus on s cure for fibro, they only mask it with pain medication. I was dianoised with fibro 4 years ago, I could barley walk. Took the help of a natropathioc dr to figure out I had a bad case of Candida causing the fibro. It's taken me a few years of eating vegan, juicing and you must do dr shultzes 30 day detox or incurables program. My pain is 75 percent gone! It's a slow road, but I, getting there. I don't ha r to take any medication! You could also check out Robert morse, he has tons of you tube videos. He also sells detox kits and herbs similar to dr Shultz. You will slowly be able to e recuse again, I just bought a. Eliptical machine after 4 years of a. An elderly gym membership! Cleaning your body out with herbs and juices will help, it's working for me.

Jerushah - posted on 03/11/2013




I have found that some yoga has helped me out. Nothing to extensive, just some gentle stretching. It's not hard on the body and the stretching helps to alleviate some of the muscle stiffness and achiness. Once you get some of the achiness under control its a little easier to move around and walking is good too.

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