For all families struggling financially and emotionally together as a family......

Crystal - posted on 01/21/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am married to a Volunteer fire fighter for 2 stations and on other days there is drills and he is also Vp of the Jaycee's of branch County., and he works a full- time Job I feel lost and on the outside I have a 3 year old and she misses him alot when he is gone too wether it be when tones drop or a drill or meetings with the Jaycee's., I feel we are so far apart right now he tells me how he has to work and he works with the fire department and how he has meetings and he works all the time but , I don't do anything its starts of as what do you do ? and I feel lost and hurt I try my best to take care of things we also have visits and court dates., I guess what I am trying to say is he works all these Jobs and I feel he forgets about his family and we miss him I just wonderd if there are other wives out there going through the something similar he won't do consuleing he says he don't have time for it . I just feel like the spark and the connection is slowly dieing out and I know god put us together for a reason and I have faith that things will get better I just need some encouragement on what I might do to make him understand I understand how hard he works and how much he does for the family and I wish he would see that with me too. Well god bless and thanks for listening to me vent!

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