Moms with Fragile X Syndrome Children

For any kind of mom with a child who's been diagnosed with Fragile X Syndrome; whether this is a new diagnosis, or an older diagnosis, young child, older child, etc..., you are welcome! Come one, come all, and learn from each other. I know not every day is easy.... I was a single mother to Daniel until he was five! It's for real moms who are curious and caring as to what other moms may know, how they can help in certain situations, and how a mother is something that makes us amazingly strong and beautiful! No matter how gifted, or how special; we are all moms, and we all need a little pat on the pack, a little constructive criticism, a little advice, or even just some new ideas and fresh education about our children. Anyone is welcome who's interested in FXS, being a parent to a child with Special needs, and who wants to share the good, bad, wonderful, and not so great..... we can all help each other get through each day! It may be a great day, or it may be one of those days you wish you weren't a mom for a tenth of a second (and then you take it back b/c you feel HORRIBLE! ;) We've all been there!). Whatever it is; it's real and honest and something we can do together to help each other. All ideas, experiences, etc... are welcome!


Please Help

Today I found out that my 21 month old son, Collin, has Fragile X Syndrome. He is almost 2 and doesn't walk or talk...or show any signs of being able to "understand" what you...