Moms with Grown up Children

Moms who have older children (teenagers, adults). Empty nesters or not.


youngest just left, heart breaking

My 6'3" 20 year old baby-of-the-family just left for college with his girlfriend. They have lived here together since they were 17, (her parents kicked her out-please don't...


love them but

I love my kids but when my daughter comes home she makes me a bit crazy. She says I argue with her but she jumps to the defense on everything. Between her and my mother coming I...


Tell him to move out?

My son Ed (26) is still living at home with me. He wants to go on this TV show about parents who want their older kids out of the house. Thought I'd pass the info along: E-mail...


a poll?

how many of you have children who are dating or ina relatioship with someone who has children with someone else? What do you think about it, how is it going and how hard is it...



Hi and welcome to Moms with big babies :) okay it is a bit different for all of us. But if you have sons we all know they never grow up. I have 3 children my oldest a girl 25...