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My baby is 12 weeks old tomorrow, hes had colic in the evenings since he was a few weeks old but then since last week he has been crying on & off all day. It starts just after he finishes his first bottle at about 8am and goes on til about 8pm when he manages to have a bottles then go to sleep, usually til about 2am when he wakes for a feed. This doesn't sound like what everyone says colic is like anymore. We took him to the docs last week & he said it WAS colic & prescribed gaviscon, but it didn't make any different. My son is bottle fed, he drinks from Dr Browns bottles, has gripe water, we've tried massaging his tummy & warm baths but he just screams as soon as we take him out out of it. Hopefully this should go away soon as he is nearly 3 months old, if it is colic, but it's just too much as my husband is at work so im usually alone with him all day. My mum helps when she can but its hard dealing with a screaming baby for 12 hours a day. Has anyone else's baby had all day colic? Or has anyone got any tips for me? x


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My daughter has acid reflux and colic but she is breasfed. Right now she is only about 6 weeks old and is only on zantac for the reflux which seems to help but not completely. My daughter has kept me up from 12-7am screaming the entire time a few times this week and absolutely nothing will help her either but I recently figured out that I had drank milk or eaten icecream before each of these so she must be allergic to milk which helps with the up all night but not during the day. My other half works 9-9 pretty much 5 days a week and I am here with her all day as well so I know the feeling. I've also tried giving her Mylicon for the gas but it doesn't seem to help her. Some days I feel like I'm at my wits end because the fussiness just doesn't seem to stop no matter the rocking, swinging, pacing floors that you do so you are not alone! I know you are bottle feeding so have you tried thickening his formula or changing it because the type of formula might be causing gas to build up. There is an all natural medicine called ColicCalm that you can buy online and my friend used that and it helped her. Just last night my great aunt told me that all 3 of her children had colic and that she used an Indian tradition which is putting a tiny bit of vaseline on the tip of your finger and putting it up the baby's rear end, not too far just a tiny bit and she swears by it. I have yet to try that either but I figured I'd let ya know. Good luck!

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