Moms with Husbands that are Linemen

Do you have a husband that is a lineman for an electric company? If you do, this can be a hard time of the year. My husband is currently gone for at least a week and I have a 3 year old son!


Fighting for work

When my husband first got into contract linework it was TOUGH!! He was constantly having to fight for work with other men. He got bypassed a lot on jobs and they'd basiclly only...


New to the group!!! =) ♥

Hey ladies! My name is Elizabeth, im 25 and live in Maine and ready to welcome our 3rd baby in 10 days. We have a daughter Chloe who will be 5 soon and a 19 month old son...


Hi! New here

I was very excited to see that they have a community for husbands that are linemen. It can be very challenging when your husband is gone to a storm. Since my daughter was born...


new here

OHHHH man oh the few far and between lineman I"m a great grand daughter, grand daugher, daughter and wife to a


Thank you

So glad to see this community. My husband works hotstick department and he is gone alot these days with the storm weather in AZ. The kids miss him a lot and they tire me out...


It isnt easy

My fiance is a lineman for a contractor. He is currently gone to Arkansas for and ice storm for a week mabye two or three leaving me at home with our month old son. Since Im...