Mom's with husbands that have back problems

This group is for Moms that are married to men that have had back problems and/or surgeries on their back. This is to be a support group & not an advertising group for work at home opportunities. My goal is that Moms can draw faith & understanding from other Moms experiencing the stress & struggles. I'm sure we can find ways to uplift & suggest ideas for activities that work for our men who are limited.



hi dana how are you doing? i hope you and youre family are ok, philip has been to the hospital again recently and they think his spondulosis originated from a infection, much...


Our update

Since my last post, my husband has had a major back surgery (2nd surgery): He had a Fusion at L5-S1, & TWO disc replacements at levels: L4-L5 & L3-L4. They went in through his...