Moms with husbands that work nights

They are a different bread.


Support group

I wanted to let everyone know of a group I made on Facebook for Night Shift Family Support.!/NightShiftFamilySupport


night time blues

I joined this group.... cause I wanted to know i wasn't the only one who felt this way..and i thought i should introduce myself. My name is Stephanie. I have a 5 year old...



Let\'s do introductions:\r\nI\'m Sara. I have a 6 yo daughter and my husband works nights. That sounded like an AA meeting! hahaha. I have been married for 2 years and with my...


Finally it's all better!!

My husband started to work night shift in August of this year...I was so scared things would start falling apart because of distancing. It was a little rough, not being used to...


Need help to get sleep.

Ok, Lee is back to working nights again. Everyday except Tuesday and Thursdays he works from 9pm to about 5 or 6am, comes home and eats while we watch a show or two. We all...