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Moms with husbands who are Truck Drivers

This group is for women who's men are truck drivers. Its hard to be home away from our men and have children. This group is to get advice, let us talk about where are husbands are, and to help each other when our men are not there to help.



Hi I'm new to this thing my fiance is a truck driver he just started going over the road I have a 5 year old and a 9 month old



Hey everyone, I just want this conversation thread to be for introductions. I know we dont have much interaction with this site, and I would love for us to band together and get...



My 5 month old has thrush I had to take him to the hospital last night. Now all he is doing is screaming. I gave him is meds for it. Maybe I'll try some tylenol. Any advice on...


Truckin kind of life.

what do you do when you hubby is outta town and you need time for yourself? Do you travel with you husband? Do you take the kids along on any trips? post some other interesting...