Moms with Indigo and Crystal Children

Indigo and Crystal Children are a new breed of children born with high sensitivities (food, intuition, social justice etc.). They tend to be extremely creative and "bored" with regular routine and "conservative" methods. Many have "prophetic" abilities (especially crystal children). Indigos are known to "break through" the status quo and crystals are known to follow that break through bringing a new order of love, peace and harmony. When I took my then 12 year old for counselling in St. Jacobs, ON, Canada, the counsellor "knew" about these children and "read" me as an indigo having given birth to two indigos and a crystal child. From my experience, they are all "outside of the box" in a creative, growth-oriented, evolving way. It takes a very special skills to raise these children to be confident individuals eager to express their unique ways.


Indigo Parent

I wanted to share a little something with other parents of Indigo children. Hope everyone enjoys. I am the parent of an Indigo child He truly was born a spirit so wild He...



Until just a few weeks ago, I had not even heard of indigo and crystal children. My cousin mentioned that she thought my daughter is a crystal kid, and so I started reading a...


Rainbow Children....?

Hi there, I am so relieved to have finally found a community that I completely identify with and visa versa. My daughter is 10 1/2 years old and very very special. First of...


just introducing myself

hi guys, i have a crystal daughter called Megs.... she's 9 and is a wonderful/terrifying challenge. Her older sister is a very grounded human, so parenting Megs is so very...


Hello There!

Hello Laurie, I am really happy to have found this group, hopefully soon others will join too:) I have a 3 year old little Angel, her name is Megan. I feel she is either a...



Wow, it is cool to find this group. My husband and I have both been described by friends who knew of this as Indigo children. I myself am severely empathic, and I feel he is...