Moms with Infertility

A group for moms facing infertility issues. Share tips on what helped you, or didn't. Reffer a good doctor, and most of all suport from moms going through the same infertility issues you may be facing.


What to do

Hello ladies, I am 30 years old and been married for 8 years. I do not have any children. I have been trying to get pregnant for the past 2 years. My husband went to urologist...



Facing PCOS, have 2 beautiful girls, and ready to start fertility drugs yet again, for another baby! Any tips on what worked for someone else out there?


Great Doctor in Indianapolis, Indiana

My husband and I had tried for over 5 years to concieve. We had tried just about everything, but weren't willing to give up! We found this great doctor in Indianapolis, Dr....


Experience with PGD

I am currently undergoing IVF to conceive my second child. The Dr. has recommended PGD, genetic testing of the embryos to ensure the healthiest get transfered. Does anyone have...


Unexplained Infertility

Hi there. I have a nearly 8 month old son who was conceived by IVF. We are currently trying to conceive another and will be returning to the reproductive endocrinologist in...