4 year old boy with anger issues

Heather - posted on 10/19/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a 4 year old boy with anger issues and throws a fit for every little thing that doesn't go his way. Time out does not work and he screams at the top of his lungs. Does anyone have any ideas how to help him?


Melissa - posted on 11/10/2012




My question would be, why would he have anger issues? I understand being angry and throwing fits to try to manipulate the situation, in which case, dont give that behavior any attention. Maybe try walking out of the room when he throws a fit and let him know that you will talk to him when he calms down and can talk to you with out screaming. Kids like attention, whether positive or negative. If he seems to have anger issues, found out why. Is he seeing anger outburst somewhere? If you can be calm and firm and let him know that you love him and want to talk to him but will NOT talk to him until he has calmed down, then walk out. Once he does calm down, talk to him and love on him and let him know that his behavior is not acceptable. He probably wants attention and likes having an audience for his screaming and thats why you walk out of the room. Good luck.

User - posted on 01/03/2012




With my oldest son I learned that consistency works best. My husband and I were both handling him differently and it didn't help matters! Also, we made the decision to stop discussing his bad behavior in front of him..at times we would dwell on the tantrums and discuss parenting differences as he listened. I think that he almost felt a need to continue "performing" for us..finally...saying "look at mommy" before explaining why he is going to take a timeout really helped..along with hugs and kisses after he calms down! My son still has some doozies..but not NEARLY as "angry" as before! Hope this helps!


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